Amazing Wonder Hangers with 16 Hanging Sticks

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Set of two boxes

16 Hanging Sticks

Each Stick Holds 5 hangers each

Wonder Hanger will help you manage 80 suits in same closet where you can’t hang more then 10 or 20 suits
Adjustable to fit any door
For plastic, wire and wooden hangers
Great for home or office, students or professionals
Maximizes closet space by hanging garments vertically over the door
A specially designed insert area on the As Seen On TV Over The Door Wonder Hanger allows you to suspend and remove hangers simply. Each hanger holds up to 5 of your plastic, wire, or wooden hangers on each hook. Simply hang on the door and hang clothes hangers on the allotted slots and turn your door into a closet!

This innovative Over The Door Wonder Hanger As Seen On TV is made of durable plastic that endures years of daily use. It features a hook that secures to any standard door keep your clothes evenly spaced to avoid wrinkles and to make selection much faster. You can also hang bathrobes and towels. Also great for purses and belts!

Bid farewell to the days of cramped closet space and wrinkled clothing! The incredible over the door wonder hanger makes your life smoother and more efficient… one garment at a time!

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1 Packet Contains 8 Hangers and 16 Hanging Sticks


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