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  • Drop an insert down the drain each month.
  • Prevent smelly pipesstop odor at its source.
  • Breaks down and digests organic deposits and grease buildup.
  • Made of 100% powerful enzymes to keep your kitchen bathroom and utility drains clear of buildup and odor.
  • Safe for plumbing and septic tanks.
  • Name: Sani Sticks
  • Stethoscope Color: multicolor
  • Stethoscope Ear diameter:11.7cmx14cm

Drop an insert down the drain each month.
Prevent smelly pipes,stop odor at its source.
Breaks down and digests organic deposits and grease buildup.
Made of 100% powerful enzymes to keep your kitchen, bathroom, and utility drains clear of buildup and odor.
Safe for plumbing and septic tanks.

Name: Sani Sticks
Stethoscope Color: multicolor
Stethoscope Ear diameter:11.7cmx14cm
Stethoscope Material: enzymes

Package Included:
1 x pack(12 pcs) Sani Sticks

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