3,500 2,800

Choose superior range material is softer.
Halogen light-wave to offer powerful permeation of heat.
With MCU line control.
Extent belt for overweight user in addition.
Assists slimming, digestion and relaxation
Variable settings
Heat diffusion to ease blood circulation
5 level auto & manual control
Controls for program, speed and direction
Perfect health in just 10 minutes a day

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About the product
Vibro Shape slimming can be used to firm up: Shoulders Hips Abs Thighs Buns Arms Calves
If you don’t have time to exercise the the Vibro Shape Belt is for you.
You can use this amazing device while lying down, watching TV, sitting at the computer, spending time with your family, working, cooking or simply resting.
Ultimate Waist Trimmer


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