Magnetic Microwave Hover Cover

2,000 1,600

1) NEW Microwave-Safe Splatter Guard With Polymer-Encased Magnets
2) Attaches To Roof Of Microwave When Not In Use
3) Special microwave-safe, polymer-encased magnets Secure It
4) Just Pull Down To Cover Foods
5) Then Lift To Let It Hover
6) Always There When You Need It
7) Cook Food Quickly Without The Mess
8) Protects Against Food Splatter
9) Built-In Steam Vents
10) Stays Cool To The Touch
11) Fits Over Most Plates, Bowls & Even Platters
12) Keep Foods Covered After Reheating
13) Food-Safe & BPA-Free
14) Rinse Clean Or Dishwasher Safe
15) Fits Virtually All Microwaves
16) Measures 11.5” – Feet Help It Cover Larger Platters Too


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