Self Heating Neck Guard Band For Pain Relief

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About the product

1) Inlaying permanent magnets. Smooth the nerve system
2) Promote blood circulation. Remit the neck/waist/knees pain & cold
3) Help to cure cervical vertebra disease. Without using of electricity & spontaneous heating
4) Safe and convenient to use. Obvious effects for keeping health

Product description

Hyperthermia with natural mineral tourmaline as the core, comprising the product formed integrally with the nano-bio-functional materials. In the case of temperature and pressure changes, continuous release of far infrared, negative ions. And the thermoelectric micro-current stimulation effects to the human body. Can effectively improve blood circulation, ease muscle fatigue, activation of cell metabolism, dredge the meridians, to wind and dampness, pain to the cold, and enhance the body's resistance to disease. Products are safe, easy to use, lasting effect.

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